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The post-pandemic fashion

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What's New in Storepify 1.3.5

Feb 07, 2023

Storepify is and has always been our majority when developing themes on Shopify. It's a Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme that will impress your viewers from first sight with nice & clear design. 

Understanding the need of customers, we will update the theme frequently with new demos, new features, and bugs fixed to satisfy our customers and improve user's experience. Therefore, we would love to announce the Storepify 1.3.5 update with a lot of major changes and new functions.

What Is Coming In Storepify 1.3.5?

When coming public, the Storepify 1.3.5 will provide many new features and changes below:

New Feature "Enable Age Verification Popup"  

The new feature "Enable Age Verification Popup" allows you to set an age verification and pose age restrictions on your site and products/services which will protect your business by acquiescing with local law regarding age requirements for specific products like alcohol, tobacco, solvents, national lottery tickets, and more 18-or-above-allowed products

enable age verification popup

This feature is 100% customizable and allows users to make nice and proper popups that makes the users notice your restrictions. Change the colors, the fonts, the spacing, or anything else you want!

age verification popup settingsQuick View Effect Remake

In previous version, Quick View popup is just simple "quick view" - no effect, no moving images, and no attraction. The audience used to see only a picture simply coming in quick and so was its coming out. No more will we let this happen! 

In Storepify 1.3.5, we remake the effect of the Quick View function so that it will appear from the left side to the right side of the image you navigate your mouse to. More lively and attractive, yeah?

New Login/Register Form Option

For users using Storepify from the very beginning, thank you for that, of course! What I'm saying here, is that the login/register form would appear in a popup website before v1.3.5.

new login register form option

It may provoke hard on some people's experience since popup site is nearly as same as an ad, and people just don't love ads interrupting their account process. Also, your site won't have to load 1 more page to login, a popup is just enough.

New Feature Reminder When Switch Tab

Have you ever opened a site and thought "Wow this site is good but I'm busy, gotta check it out later" but then you just mis-close the site and totally forget it? Well, it should have happened sometimes or more. However, that won't be a problem of your site anymore since we provide the new function "Reminder when switch tab". You can enable and edit reminder text for funnier and easier to reach the wandering viewers.

new feature remind when switch tab

After enabling, this is your goal:

reminder when switch tab appearance

Move All Notifications to the File translate (Folder locale)

From this version, we will move all notifications to the file translate in the folder locale. By doing this, you can officially translate these notifications into multilingual.

Kids Demo Release

As the demand for kids' products rises day-by-day, we would love to present you our latest Kids demo.

kids demo

Made with love and passion, this demo layout will provide our users a better place where they can do business with kids' stuff. Also, the layout design is very clear with niche blocks and sections for content & products. There are still a lot of other nice features but you should discover it yourself for the best purposes.

You can access the demo here: Storepify Kids Demo, and the password to it is 1, just 1.

Sidebar Blog No-Image Appearance Remake 

What will it be like if the blog on the sidebar does not have a Featured image? We will answer it in Storepify v1.3.5: a white space!  We add a pure white space instead of the Featured image so that you can still keep the sidebar form intact. 

sidebar blog no image appearance remake

Search Form Appearing Effect Remake

Since the search form appearance when clicking the search icon is a little boring & unattractive, we decide to remake the Search form appearing effect. You can have a look below:

search form appearing effect remake

New Feature Quick Search

The Quick Search feature will increase your Shopify store's conversion alongside a smart search engine. It integrates shoppers, their behaviors on page, and store signals to deliver the best suggestions. Here, it appear under the type-in search bar!

 new feature quick search

As soon as you click the search icon, the line "Quick search" will appear with the most suitable keywords for the users. Therefore, they can find the wanted products faster and increase your sales.

Final Thought

Those should be all for what you can expect in our Storepify 1.3.5 update and we hope you will have a good time experiencing our theme Storepify. If you love this theme, you can download it here and if you love it more, please leave us 5-star reviews. Your reviews will be our motivation and passion for the next versions of Storepify. Stay tuned!

ThimPress Development Team


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