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Storepify v1.3.6 Update

Feb 20, 2023

Hello everyone, we are here today to deliver you the update of Storepify v1.3.6 with some adjustments & additions. Check it out!

Storepify v1.3.6 Update Detail

  • Added: “Limit Tags” option for Sidebar blog
limit tags option for sidebar blog
  • Modified: Now, the Description can be shown on Collections.
description view top
Description Top
description view bot
Description Bottom
  • Modified: Move the Organic demo to the main theme (this demo used to be a child theme, now it’s integrated into the main theme)
move the organic demo to the main theme
  • Fixed: Fix the style of Shopify’s default Content Pages
fix style of shopify default content pages
  • Fixed: JS error when clicking Quantity in Product detail
js error

Wrapping Up

That should be all for this update. If you wanna find out more, please take a look at ThimPress & Storepify. We hope you will get a good time using our Shopify theme!

(This is a demo blog for Storepify blog) - ThimPress Development Team


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