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Storepify v1.3.7 Update

Feb 25, 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to our Storepify v1.3.7 update with many new things awaiting you. Let's get going, shall we?

Storepify v1.3.7 Update Detail

  • Added: Option "Showing Collection image in Breadcrumb"
showing collection image in breadcrumb
  • Added: Tooltips for Image variants
tooltips for image variants
  • Added: Option "Margin Bottom" for Detail blocks
margin bottom for detail blocks
  • Added: Function "Copy Link" for Product Detail
function copy link for product detail
  • Added: Release new demo "Anime" (Password is 1)
anime demo
  • Modified: Convert Language & Currency selector into drop-down on mobile
convert language and currency selector into drop down on mobile
  • Modified: Layout product detail
old layout product detail
Old Layout Product Detail
new layout product detail
New Layout Product Detail
  • Modified: "Change text view" in "Fake viewer" is now changeable
change text view
  • Modified: "Change text sold" in "Fake viewer" is now changeable
change text sold

Those are the new things you will find out in this updated version. If you are a new visitor, you can always take a look at our amazing Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme - Storepify. In case you have already been using Storepify, we are very happy to receive your 5-star reviews on ThemeForest. Your feedback will be our passion and motivation for better versions of all our products in the future!

(This is a demo blog for Storepify blog) - ThimPress Development Team


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