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Storepify v1.3.8 Update: What Are You Looking for?

Mar 03, 2023

Hi everyone, we are happy to announce the updated version of Storepify v1.3.8 with some modifications focused on its layouts. Check it out!

Storepify v1.3.8 Update Detail

Added: Responsive Gift layout (mobile).

responsive gift layout mobile
responsive gift layout page

Added: Layout 3 & 4 for the section “Latest news”.

layout 3
Layout 3
layout 4
Layout 4

Fixed: “Submit comment” style button on the blog detail page (The old style is not responsive & in error).

submit comment style button

Fixed: The Next post image is fully shown (cropped in the previous version).

next post image

Fixed: Remove the padding-left of the author’s name if the author’s account doesn’t have an avatar (In the old version, if the author doesn’t have an avatar, there will be a small padding-left with the author’s name).

author image

For more information, you can take a look at Storepify on ThimPress or buy it on ThemeForest.

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